Farm D1-2 SOLD - Gatun Lake Farms

And that’s two in one week! We are excited to share that farm D1-D2 of Gatun Lake Farms has been sold!

About Farm D1-2:

The D properties are located right between the main road and Gatun Lake. Being in the middle of the entire property area, the D properties are without a doubt ideal for traveling back and forth, while having beautiful views over the lake as well.

About Gatun Lake Farms:

Numerous interesting landmarks can be found in Panama. One of the most impressive landmarks is Lago Gatun, an artificial lake, created during the construction of the Panama Canal. Nowadays, Lago Gatun possesses one of the most remarkable rural areas in Panama. Life in Lago Gatun involves using unpaved roads, living with only a few neighbors, in the midst of nature, surrounded by the diversity of animals Panama has to offer.

  • 30 beautiful farms at the shores of Lake Gatún near the village of Arenosa
  • Starting at $ 6.37/M2 at top lakefront locations.
  • Perfect for nature lovers who like hiking, fishing and horsing.