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Coco Beach

Another two weeks at Coco Beach!

For the past couple of weeks we’ve had huge activity considering new sales. We’ve had 6 new clients come up and they now have the possibility to purchase one of our natural beach properties. Coco Beach is on a roll, so if you’re interested in our lots then be sure to reach out to us as options will be running out soon enough.

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Coco Beach Lot 106 SOLD

Lot 106 is a beachfront lot is phase 2, directly overlooking the sandy beach filled with palm trees and the pacific ocean. This lot was sold in combination with a custom designed Wave villa to a Spanish. Lot size: 1,655m2 / 17814 sq.ft.

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Coco Beach Lot 35 SOLD

Lot 35, one of the last “second row” lots was sold this month as well to a client from the USA. Lot 35 in between two villas under construction. From the second floor it will overlook the Pacific Ocean. Lot size: 1.207m2 / 12992 sq.ft.

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